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Flamingo Kids

Flamingo Kids is a children's fashion brand based in Israel.

The brand offers edgy fashion for babies and kids, inspired by the mix of urban, rock n' roll, and exotic vibes. 


Rebranding, Art Direction, Print & Digital 


Flamingo Kids



Flamingo kids branding by useless treasures

Flamingo's logo is designed to fit a wide range of styles. It's aimed to seasonless, classic yet fun.   

The waves were taken out of the logo and enlarged to an oversized scale, completing the black and white graphic language.  

Light and Shadow
Flamingo kids branding by useless treasures
Flamingo kids branding by useless treasures

Social Media Images

Through a combination of still life composition and street photography,  a unique photographic language was created, sustainable all season long to various uses such as social media, banners, and ads.

Instore Elements

Our branding included printed elements, signage, and showroom design. 

Online Appearance

From Banners to newsletters, Flamingo's brand is all about fun and fashion.

Interior Design - Shir Hadi